About Us

About Us

You don’t know what you don’t know – but the Food Truck Owner Expo is serving up answers to the most asked questions about successfully owning and operating mobile services. Whether you are looking to purchase your first truck, need to service an existing one, better understand the business and regulatory side of going mobile, or find ingredients and supplies, Food Truck Owner Expo connects you to a community of experienced and knowledgeable experts who will feed your curiosity and drive your success.

The 2 day event is intended to help Food Truck Owners leave with the knowledge, confidence and supplies that they need to become more proficient business owners.

Food Truck Owner Expo exists to support the community locally by connecting local suppliers to local food truck owners, as well as connecting the local owners to the national brands.

Food Truck Owner Expo was created by experienced and award-winning event producers at ConvExx. ConvExx produces trade shows and expos ranging from small intimate events for 100 to some of the largest and top-rated trade shows in the United States. ConvExx brings expertise, care and exceptional operational support to the Expo. ConvExx is passionate about serving the Food Truck Owner community.

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